Ontronics is an industry-leading Electronic Manufacturing Service with more than 20 years of experience. In today's fast-moving and competitive market, Ontronics recognizes the need to harness the power of integrated design, manufacture and test capabilities at one location. Let the experts at Ontronics take the hassle out of the manufacturing process so you can concentrate on marketing and sales. Ontronics works closely with you to better understand your business objectives. Ontronics becomes your production partner by managing everything from procuring components, handling metalwork and final assembly to testing, labeling and shipping of the end-product to your customers. Ontronics manufacturing process includes an industry standard Quality Management process. This ensures that you received high quality products and a speedy turn time.

Ontronics offers you the following services:

Manufacturing - Ontronics roots lie in the assembly and testing of printed circuit boards. From our Sacramento, CA location, we support high and low-mix PCB and backplane assembly for volumes that range from just a few units for prototypes, to modest quantities for pre-production, to hundreds of thousands in volume production. And of course, quality is always first - we employ DFX fundamentals as well as quality and data-tracking methodologies

PCB - Ontronics offers PCB Design Service and development for digital and analog circuits as an individual service or as part of our end-to-end Electronics Manufacturing service. The PCB Design Service service is an integral part of our End-to-End electronic manufacturing services. Using our PCB Design Service, your functional requirements and specifications will be maintained from the design phase to the final product while you will benefit by our services in many ways. We offer board level assemblies including SMT, BGA and Thru-Hole manufacturing. Our modern surface mount process is designed for high component mixture.

Integrated Services - Ontronics provides the integration services that support today's innovative and unique business models focused on customer service. We focus on custom configure-to-order and integration of higher-level sub-systems. We develop customer specific processes, tracking and testing of sub-systems and systems products. We work with standard and custom-designed enclosures, plastic and metal enclosures and small and large form factors. And we're always looking forward, continually expanding our capabilities to incorporate more complex products and next generation technology.

Cable Assembly – Ontronics also manufactures Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses. We offer both standard and custom cables.

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